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  • What is DRL

    1. Running lights definition
    2. Variations DRL: what is used to refer to cars?
    3. What should be the running lights?
    4. What do daytime running lights look like?
    5. Leading DRL manufacturers: product features
    6. Conclusion

    Since 2011, the UN Economic Commission for Europe has passed a law that obliges all drivers to travel even during the day with the lights on or to mount the DRL.

    Since 2011, the UN Economic Commission for Europe has passed a law that obliges all drivers to travel even during the day with the lights on or to mount the DRL

    Running lights definition

    DRLs are external lighting devices that are placed in front of the car and function as marking and highlighting the exterior of the car. In this way, DRL serve for safety on the freeway, improving the catchiness of the car during the daytime. Often, many drivers confuse the DRL with the parking lights. But you do not need to do this, because the dimensions have a lower brightness of the light and are intended only to designate the dimensions of the car at night daily time and under conditions of poor visibility on the road.

    Therefore, when asking what car running lights are, you should clearly understand that these are lighting devices used only during the day. Also, in order to fully understand what DRL is on a car, you need to know that these are LED devices that must be put on cars by law. The lights can be placed on the car either normally, during assembly, or after buying the car separately. Therefore, in the question of what DRL is in a car, you should know that there are regular and universal devices or adaptive devices that are placed on any make and model of car by you personally. Thus, the definition of daytime running lights now you know for sure.

    Thus, the definition of daytime running lights now you know for sure

    Variations DRL: what is used to refer to cars?

    In some countries, light is used near and far headlights, as the main type of DRL. But it is worth noting that this is impractical, since more energy is consumed by the car and the operational life of the headlight lamps, xenon or halogen, is reduced. Thus, in order not to use headlamps to identify the car and individual devices were developed. Such devices consume little energy, are installed separately from the head optics and, most importantly, have an increased light intensity and brightness. Individual DRLs are practical, safe, and even stylish.

    What should be the running lights?

    Initially, DRLs were produced normally on cars and ordinary halogen lamps of 6-21 W were used as a stoker of light. The innovative form of DRL is an LED that provides maximum brightness, light intensity, and also features minimal power consumption. Therefore, if you are going to arm your car daytime running lights then they must be LED to ensure maximum safety on the road.

    What do daytime running lights look like?

    Devices for daytime driving are available in different variations, therefore, there is no consensus and canon, which indicates exactly what DRLs should be. Devices by different manufacturers are developed in different forms. They can be rectangular, round, square, consist of separate elements. Also, each manufacturer produces models with brighter light output using a large number of LEDs and vice versa. The peculiarity of the DRL is also a stylish look, thanks to which this device can be called a device that modernizes the exterior of the car. Innovative DRLs are separate LEDs that are interconnected by a flexible insulating wire.

    Leading DRL manufacturers: product features

    • Philips . The German company produces high-quality and powerful DRLs that are distinguished by brightness, white light and a different number of LEDs. They are of high quality and absolutely universal, respectively, are suitable for any brand of car.
    • Osram . German-made DRLs, which have not only a distinctive number of diodes, but also a round, rectangular shape, can be thin, which allows mounting on mini-cars. Provide a snow-white light that perfectly highlight the car on the track.
    • Hella . The German company is developing white and bright DRLs that serve to highlight the car. Available in molded case, as well as individual LEDs.
    • Xenite . The Chinese company develops universal DRLs for cars that can be used on any brand and model. The devices are round or rectangular in shape and are a quality product.
    • Sho-me . Chinese DRLs, which are of good quality and bright light. Available in a molded case with different presence of LEDs and functionality. Put on all cars, regardless of brand and model.

    There are other manufacturers of DRL, which produce devices that also differ from each other in quality, the presence of LEDs, power, brightness and temperature of light. You can get acquainted with the manufacturers and models of DRL on our website, by clicking on this link .


    Thus, if you value life, then you must clearly understand that DRL - it is practical and useful. LED daytime driving devices will provide you with the maximum catchiness of the car in the flow of the total mass and also modernize the appearance. At present, the use of independent DRLs is a prerequisite for leaving the track during the day.

    What should be the running lights?
    What do daytime running lights look like?
    Variations DRL: what is used to refer to cars?
    What should be the running lights?
    What do daytime running lights look like?


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