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  • How to unsubscribe from updates in contact. How to unsubscribe from a person in VK

    1. From mailing to e-mail
    2. From some user
    3. Unsubscribe on user page
    4. Second way
    5. Video lesson: how to quickly unsubscribe from people in VK
    6. How to unsubscribe from a person in VC via phone

    The Internet and social networks today are like two whole parts of one apple. Now almost every second is registered in a particular social network. Communicating with friends allows us to get maximum pleasure from the process itself. A variety of entertainment, such as VKontakte, will give you the opportunity to have a good and free source of recreation.

    From mailing to e-mail

    VKontakte has such a function. If someone is added to you as a friend or some other significant event is happening to you, then email (which you entered during registration or after) a letter of the appropriate type is sent: “Such a user has been added to you as a friend”. Over time, such “interesting” letters accumulate a huge amount, and your mailbox can be completely full.

    If you came to your email address, and once again saw that the letter with new updates came to you again, do not be in a hurry to despair. Unsubscribe from this interesting newsletter you can very quickly and simply. At the end of the letter, pay your precious attention to the line "You can limit or cancel the alert to E-Mail in the settings." Click the link and customize as you wish.

    From some user

    We sorted out email address . We go further. One of the most popular features of Vkontakte is the ability to subscribe to pages of interesting people. If, sometime, you subscribed to updates, some, for example, celebrities, and now they are no longer interesting for you (they no longer have, for example, interesting ones), then you probably wonder how to unsubscribe in the social network VKontakte from these already uninteresting pages?

    To begin, you will need to go to the page of the person from whose page you want to unsubscribe. There, under the avatar, you will see the inscription "You are subscribed to". Mouse over this inscription, and you will see the corresponding pop-up window. "You sent a friend request to this user, and also subscribed to his page updates. Cancel". Here's a reference to "Cancel" just need to click. Everything! Now, in your "news" will not more information from this user. And you, in turn, will not be listed in his subscribers.
    If you want to unsubscribe from some kind of your fan, a fan, then you will need to go to the page with your subscribers and click on the cross next to the avatar of the person you want to delete. After that, the user will be removed from your subscribers. And also will be blacklisted.

    How to unsubscribe VKontakte you now know. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing difficult in these actions. By the way, if you do not want the person whom you “unsubscribed” to be on the black list, after a while, simply remove him from there. He will no longer subscribe to your updates, but, at the same time, he will not be on the black list either. Such is the little trick. To remove a user from the blacklist, go to your VKontakte page, then to "My Settings", select the "Blacklist" tab, find the desired user in this list (you can even use the search) and click on the "Remove from the list" button located right next to the avatar and the name of the desired user.

    We have already figured out that when you send a friend request to a person, you are automatically transferred to the status of his subscriber (see). Now you will see its updates in the news. Being in the list of subscribers, you will be as long as the person does not add you as a friend, or removes you (see).

    But you yourself can change your mind. And now I will show you how to unsubscribe from a person in the VC .

    Unsubscribe on user page

    Go to the page to the person to whom you sent the application. You can try again to write to him about the need to take you as a friend (see). But we need to figure out how to unsubscribe from it.

    Under the user's avatar, find and click on the "You are subscribed" button. A menu will open - there click "Unsubscribe".

    Second way

    Open the "Friends" section. Go to the “Friend Requests” menu, and open the Outgoing tab. Here are all the users we are subscribed to. Just click the "Unsubscribe" button.

    Video lesson: how to quickly unsubscribe from people in VK


    Use any of these methods to cancel the application and stop receiving user updates.

    In contact with

    Active users of the social network Vkontakte often add friends of people who are interested in them, who can leave them as subscribers. At the same time, it is possible to view updates of the person to whom you are subscribed, but it is not displayed in your list of friends. How to unsubscribe from such people is described in our article.

    Go to the page to the person, from the updates of which we want to unsubscribe. Under the photo we find the “Unsubscribe” button and boldly click on it. Done, now you do not see the updates that appear in this person on the page.

    Sometimes the question arises how to unsubscribe from a person in VK if he has restricted access to his page. To do this, proceed as follows:

    1. We go in "My friends"
    2. Select in the drop-down list "Requests to friends", then select "Outgoing".
    3. A list of people you are subscribed to will appear. Next to the profile there is a button “Cancel request and unsubscribe”, which you need to click to play the specified action.

    Next to the profile there is a button “Cancel request and unsubscribe”, which you need to click to play the specified action

    If a person simply deleted you from friends, but his page updates still appear in your news feed, it means that you have remained in his subscribers. To fix the problem, go to the “Friends request”, then to the “Outgoing requests”, find the necessary person from the list and click the “Unsubscribe” button.

    How to unsubscribe from a person in VC via phone

    If you know. To whom you subscribe, you can unsubscribe in a simple, proven way: go to the user’s page and find the inscription “You have sent a request.” Under the avatar, click once on this message and click on the “Cancel request” message. Done - you instantly unsubscribed from the user.

    If you do not know who you are subscribed to, go to your page on your phone, look for the inscription “Subscriptions”, after clicking on which a list of users with your subscription falls out. In order to unsubscribe, simply click on the appropriate button next to the user profile.

    Here, in fact, all the information about how to unsubscribe from a person on the social network V Kontakte. This can be done using a computer or phone - in any case, this operation does not take much time. Periodically it is recommended to check the list of people you are subscribed to, because when you are removed from friends, they are automatically transferred to subscriber status.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about sore ?! Here we will look at how to unsubscribe from VKontakte from a person, how to find out who unsubscribed from VKontakte - who from friends would throw you off as a follower, how to unsubscribe from VKontakte public pages , games, apps and intrusive news.

    Your attention will be offered several ways to solve the problem with subscribers, as well as - for beginners a little insight into history. Until 2011, in the VC under the avatar of any page there were two buttons - “subscribe to updates” and “add as friends”, which in my opinion more accurately and correctly shared the famous, interesting writers and those wishing to communicate and be friends. In October, the right to choose was taken away - friends and subscribers were blinded into one big “heap”, the era of “govnozvezd” began ...

    How to subscribe VKontakte.
    It is enough to click on the “add to friends” button, you automatically become a subscriber, and this is not dependent on whether the person reciprocates or ignores your offer. You also become a subscriber, if some slyly.opy asked for you as a friend, and after a couple of days he removed you from them.

    Now it’s not at all necessary to write well, make your page interesting, it’s enough to add thousands to your friends, and then quietly drop them into subscribers, and that’s all - the popular “shitty” page is ready. So with a slight hand movement VKontakte subscribers from the measure of prof. fitness has become an indicator of personality worminess.

    №1 How to unsubscribe from VKontakte from a person.
    If you gored special person , go to the page of this user, pay attention to the column with the avatar, move your eyes on it down. You will see several sections: friends, online friends, interesting pages, and then four links. The key one is to remove from friends, click and wait for the page to refresh. Two more links will appear, click on - block ... so you can not just unsubscribe from VKontakte person, get rid of the subscription, but also close full access pest to your page. He will not be able to write to you, but even look at your notes on the wall.

    №2 How to find out who unsubscribed Vkontakte.
    In order to find out who has blatantly dropped you into Vkontakte subscribers, open your page. To the left of the avatar, click on the link - “My friends”, in the updated window to the right we see three more - “All friends”, “Online friends”, click on - “Friends requests”. Under it there will be three more, we press on - "Outgoing applications".

    Before you will open the whole gang of cunningly. "Govnozvezd", these very devils asked for you as a friend, and then quietly dropped you into the contact subscribers. For particularly arrogant, you can apply the method number 1, for those who did not disgust on your page - use the button "Cancel the application and unsubscribe." As you can see, it’s not so difficult to find out who unsubscribed from Vkontakte, check outgoing requests from time to time, do not let rot spread, social network will be a little cleaner.

    №3 How to unsubscribe from the vkontakte subscription.
    This method is applicable to users' public pages (similar to groups) to which you have subscribed upon someone’s request or personal interest. You can see them at the bottom of the column with the avatar - " interesting pages ". In order to unsubscribe from the pages, we find just below the avatar "My subscribers" - click.

    A window with buttons pops up: "Subscribers" are those who have submitted an application to be friends and have not yet received your approval, "Interesting pages" are those to whom you are subscribed, click. To get rid of the subscription forgotten pages VKontakte click on the word "Unsubscribe". This way you will get rid of the influx of unnecessary news and messages.

    №4 How to unsubscribe from VKontakte groups.
    After you deigned to find out who unsubscribed from VKontakte, washed away from the “stars” of the contact, extra public pages, I recommend not to stop at what has been achieved and continue the fight against information spam. It is also useful to unsubscribe from the VKontakte groups to which you have lost interest. Again, pay attention to the menu to the left of the avatar, click "My Groups", click on the name of the extra. And now on the right under the picture of the group we press - “Exit from the group”.

    Next, in the menu on the left, again click on the phrase "My groups", select the next "victim" .... In such a simple way, you can unsubscribe from unnecessary VKontakte groups and leave a subscription only to those that really hooked you.

    For unsubscribe from groups I do not recommend using third-party programs And applications ala botovod - at best, get a ban for two weeks, at worst you will be otpishit from contact forever. As they say - stay away from sin, try to unsubscribe from your VKontakte groups with your pens, it will be more reliable and painless.

    №5 How to unsubscribe from games and applications VKontakte.
    Bored games that have become unnecessary applications VKontakte are also informational garbage. You can get rid of all kinds of news and reminders by clicking on the button on the menu - "Applications". In the window that opens, on top, we find "My Applications" and "Alerts". In the applications, move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the application frame, a cross appears, click and do goodbye.

    In alerts, we can simply block the sending of alerts from specific application . If you don’t see the “Applications” button, click on - “My Settings” - “General”, check the necessary menu items, refresh the page.

    That's all, now you know how to unsubscribe from VKontakte from a person, how to find out who unsubscribed, or rather, brazenly dropped you into subscribers, how to unsubscribe from VKontakte games and applications. Use knowledge for the benefit of yourself and people. Good luck!

    Best Regards

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about sore ?


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